Winstor Lorry One


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Winstor Lorry is a unique carrier that can be mounted on a vehicle, fence, shelf … It is an extremely flexible and robust platform, as it can support loads up to 25kg. It is made of AL alloy, and all stainless steel bolts, so there is no fear for use in wet conditions.
You can place the stand on the edge of the pane. With the enclosed straps you can secure it. Attach a photo or video head to the Winstor Lorry One with a screw. That’s all.
When you are done with the work, store this carrier in the enclosed bag.

Winstor Lorry is a Slovenian product.

The kit contains:
1 × carrier Winstor Lorry
1 × fixing screw 3/8 ”
2 × straps for fastening
1 × cotton bag for storage

Additional information

Weight 1.75 kg
Dimensions 235 × 270 × 100 mm