JinFa extension tool holder
Heavy-Duty tool holder.
Welcome to our range of precision tool holders, crafted from high-quality aluminium EN-AW 7075 and finished with an anodized coating for enhanced durability and performance.
Our tool holders are designed with the utmost precision in mind. With an accuracy of under 0.005mm and angularity of under 0.01, our tool holders ensure that your tools are held securely and accurately for optimal machining performance.
The aluminium EN-AW 7075 we use is known for its strength and toughness, comparable to many types of steel, while remaining lightweight. The anodized finish not only gives the tool holders a sleek, professional appearance but also enhances resistance to corrosion and wear.
Invest in our precision tool holders and experience the difference in quality, accuracy, and performance. Contact us today for more information.

Customer: Darko Petrov s.p.
Machine: JinFa B34